We are currently raising funding for festival submissions and promotions.

Makhaliss was funded both with the fund raised by crowdfunding and investments

and a big amount of loan. We made sure the film meets the criteria of competing

with the world's top notch films. AND WE SURE DID MAKE A FILM THAT COULD

POSSIBLY BEAT THEM. We just ran out of money making the film and we definitely need

your help with funding for promotion and festival submissions. We offer various sorts of perks for various prices of investments to choose from. Thank you so much for your interest and hope to see you at film festival all over the world!



​※Regarding the perks that includes listing your name in the end credit, festivals that we have already submitted our theatrical screener to won't have your name listed. However, your name will be listed at every festival that we have NOT submitted it yet.

Please send the following info through email. We accept payments through PayPal.

1.Full Name   2.Email Address   3.Price/Perk You'd like


Email us at

1. 40 USD <Thank you!>

・Our director will send you an Thank You email!

2. 40 USD <Your name on Facebook and Website>

・We'll list your name on Facebook and Website!

3. 60 USD <Official Postcard>

・Official Postcard!

・Includes perk1&2.

4. 60 USD <Official A4 Mini Poster>

・Official A4 Mini Poster! 21cm×29.7cm

・Includes perk1&2.

5. 60 USD <BTS Download>

・BTS Download

・Includes perk1&2.

6. 60 USD <Original Soundtrack Mp3 Download>

・OST Download
・Includes perk1&2.

7. 100 USD <Film Download>

・Film Download!

・Includes perk1&2.

8. 200 USD <Your name on end credit>

・Your name will be listed on the end credit at Special Thanks section!

・Includes perk1,2 and a digital download of the film!

9. 300 USD < Perk 1~8 all together!>

Perk 1~ 8 all together!

10. 2500 USD <Executive Producer Credit!>

・Executive Producer Credit!

・Perk 1~ 8 all together!

11. 4000 USD <Your Business Logo in the credit!>

・Your business Logo will be listed in the credit!

Perk 1~ 9 all together!

Feel free to email us for any question!

Thank you very much for your interest!

Team Makhaliss

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